Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Early morning...

Thank you Leo, for waking mummy up at 4:30 in the morning with giggles and chatter. As much as I love you touching my face and looking at your smiles, for God sake 4:30am is not a time to get up!! I am absolutely exhausted!!!You better make it up to me when you grow up lol. Grzes on the other hand, man you made my day.You came down in the morning, gave me a big kiss and a cuddle and told me I am beautiful :) Made my hart expand at least 2 cm :) Hope the rest of the day will be nice too as it is just beginning.
And now a little look back. Those are pictures of you boys when you were born, just see you will know how beautiful you were, not to mention 4,5 years between you and you look like twins :)

 Leo the day you were born - 29/11/2014

And your first time meeting your Big Brother :)

Grzes first one at the hospital few minutes after you were born :)

Grzes first moments at home 3 days after you were born:

And your first walk:

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