Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Wow, were shall I start :) Grzes today at school you did sound all of your 32 sounds that you have been learning after only one week :) So, so impressed with you and so glad you are doing well at school after being there only few weeks. Also you are starting to ask all those difficult questions lol Few weeks ago you have asked me how is it that Leo was in my belly, how did he find his way in there?? Well mummy panicked for few seconds , as I did not expect does questions yet  and after a brief moment I answered: "Grzes when mummy and daddy love each other very, very much they cuddle and baby pops in to mummies belly lol". Obviously I know this is not a good answer and , probably sooner then later I will have to explain the whole process to you properly, I just hope the school will beat me to it :D .
"Daddy why do we live on this Earth??" that is your next question, also "Mummy can we go to the moon, in the rocket not plane??Coz I want to see aliens :)"
And what scares me, in the way is that they will just get more and more difficult :(

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