Wednesday, 13 May 2015

You are brilliant

Yesterday was a good day :) Yesterday, I was an exceptionally proud mummy :) As always me and Leo went to pick you up from school Grzesiu and not only I caught you dancing in the classroom with other kids -which was always' do it when I am alone activity for you, but also you spelled your first word all on your own :) Mean, I have to say as soon as you did that I could burst that is how proud I was, almost made me cry :) And I know it was only "bit" but I already pictured you reading anatomy books lol Of course then we came home and thing got back to normal but gosh I will probably remember this moment forever lol
At home during changing in to the house clothes you have decided that running around naked is much more exciting, especially as apparently we had a beach in the kitchen lol - all you and your imagination. Speaking of your imagination, it does make me think sometimes who you will turn out to be when you'll grow up. I can't imagine you being happy in some sort of intellectual job.I suppose we will wait and see.Buy before that please stop telling people that you have 2 dogs (true) and a lion, and a monkey at home (as those two are not lol) not to mention your tiger, it is enough I have to explain most of the parents at school that you ride your imaginary horse to school every day, where he waits for you to finish your day and to take you home :) Love you millions boys!!

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