Wednesday, 27 May 2015

So much to say so little time

Boys, everyday you do something awesome or something happens and I would like to sheare all of it with you but sometimes, well, most of the time by the time I put you to beds I am so, so tired, not to mention still have lots to do, therefore most of the time I just do not manage to write. I am sorry about that, although I am sure at the age of maybe 17 or more, when you'll read this you will not want to hear about every little thing you did.
Lets start with Grzes. You had a very, very good week dude. It is half term now and you have very busy calendar lol. Last Saturday we went to Amber's (auntie Chris' and uncle Alans nice) birthday party.Mind you, she was turning thirteen and there were only teenagers there-you loved it :)
You also tried to roller skate for the first time in your life. You were so, so brave ad daddy did his best with you on the ring but you were incising you could not "do this". You did have a blast when daddy just picked you up and skated around :) I think we will have to get you skates so you can practice around the house first.
Next day you had Isabelle's party (at the moment your best friend from school, notice I say at the moment as you change your mind about the girls quite a lot lol). You had a blast, had your face painted as a batman and the rest of the day you spoke about yourself in third person style "mummy batman is hungry", "mummy batman doesn't need glasses" and so on.
Today, Wednesday, we went with Ksawier (your best friend) to the beach an you guys had a great time.You also invited him to your birthday party on the 27th of June.Always makes me smile when you two are saying goodbye to each other, there is a lot of hugging, fist bumping, waving and so on involved lol. Not to mention, if we are in town everyone there knows you are saying goodbye.

Leo, you little dude had a little success this week too :) It took you 4 days of trying very, very hard but eventually you did it and grabbed your foot.It is hard to describe the look you had when you did it, in my opinion it was pure victory face lol Now that is what you try to do most of the days as you really, really want to eat your feet but you are not quite there yet-you are too chubby my little boo :)
Also you are getting better and better at eating soups with spoon.We got to the stage where you are happy to eat fruits but soups are still an issue and don't even get me started on baby porridge. If it is given to you by spoon there is a lot of spitting, throwing up and crying involved, put it in the bottle, you eat it no problem.Mister you are almost 6 months old, you really should be getting used to eat with the spoon.When Grzes was your age he almost eat everything we did just pureed or mashed.You, basic soup, just pears and apples and nothing else.You are such a fussy eater, I am just hoping you will grow out of it lol

Our little bee :)

And Batman :)

Amber's party

We love you guys very very much xoxo

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